Welcome to GNO-4-BC (Girls Nite Out – 4 – BC)

“No one should ever have to choose between feeding their family and buying their cancer medication.”

Since its inception in 2009, the GNO-4-BC has raised over $23,000 for charity. The GNO–4-BC does not have an advertising budget, corporate sponsors, fancy offices, paid staff, or a celebrity spokes person. It consists solely of 9 hard working women dedicated to rallying their family, friends, and loyal strangers into rolling up their sleeves to work hard at helping them raise money and awareness for cancer.

The GNO-4-BC began in 2009 as a fund-raising race team for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure under the name Jane Gang. Their Team consisted of 40 walkers, 1 newborn baby, and a small fluffy dog.

The name was inspired by a beloved co-worker, who sadly since has passed. It was with her blessing the name was changed to Girls Night Out-4-Breast Cancer to encompass the club’s expanded fund-raising efforts. The women were not only resolved to raising money for breast cancer, they wanted girls to bond together for fun, and facilitate informative evenings.

The first event was in 2009 with food, flowers, white table cloths, vendors, prizes, silent auction, a speaker from Susan G. Komen, and bunco. “It’s all about the details” was our mantra. The room was stunning and smelled amazing with the perfume of flowers. Everything was planned with meticulous care everything, but the weather. It was one of the worst snow storms in Kansas City history. Despite the weather, 80 of the 120 guests and vendors registered, showed up. The group’s goal of $500 profit was met and exceeded by $1,500.00. Since then they have gone on to create themed events, such as luau’s, hip hop 50’s and Boot Scootin Boogie and Fist Full of Dollars. All dawned in appropriate costumes, themed buffets, music and all never fails to blossom to capacity each year.

We have so many great ideas for the future and want to share them all with you. Please follow us on our web page to keep up with our ever changing and coming events.


Beach Party Luau

WHEN: Saturday, April 30, 2016