The Weekend After and more to come

by Cindy Devine & JoAnne White

The South Pacific Girls arrived, gamed, swam, dined and got up and did it all again.. what a way to end one year and begin the next…An absolutely Glorious Weekend… Race for the Cure was held at Worlds of Fun this year.. not the usual crowd we have seen in the past.. maybe due to the change in venue, confusion.. there were mixed reactions.. but the day was gorgeous and just being out in fine weather with the sun above was a wonderful way to end the summer and welcome in fall.  As stated before the GNO girls take this opportunity each year to gather and make a weekend event, Aileen Vaka the Camp Counselor for the event was prime as the event went on… Friday started off with everyone checking into the hotel then heading to Chappels in North Kansas City for a delicious dinner… Saturday was a continuation of laughs, stories being told by everyone, crafts were made, games were played and even had time to dress up in luau attire and feast on Teriyaki Chicken, pasta salad, pineapple upside down cake.  What a surprise to have friends of Aileen’s show up and 6 children ages 2 to 12 entertained us with Polynesian dancing as their Dad played the guitar and delighted us with his wonderful voice… with the hotel doors open and the breeze coming in, you could close your eyes and feel as if you had drifted back to the islands… Of course the GNO girls had a fashionista flip flop decorating contest… Marilyn Ashley won first prize with Aileen coming in second… leaving feathers all over the parking lot…that Aileen…As ever, this was a great bonding experience and a way to mesh ideas to use for our coming event.

Now we are down to brass tacks… Time to start gathering raffle items, sending out letters, raising the bar just a little bit higher as we create the “Beach Party Luau 2016”  wahoo…. get your flip flops out, straw hats and head on out to Blue Springs… April 30, 2016.. 200 lbs of hot and hearty pig will be roasted and ready for consumption…with ALL the fixins…

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