The ladies of GNO have had a very busy fall.. Ms Aileen Vaka retired from the Federal Reserve with much pomp and circumstance.. hula dancers, parties, parties, parties… oh my.. even had several of the ladies dance the hula to her surprise.. lol, we practices for months, day in and day out.. lunch hours, after work, and still, day of.. we created our own dance.. lol.. all to be shared at our event in April..so don’t miss it.

Then, of course when one retires another has to also go.. Ms. Devine was next.. and again, it was one continuous party, packing and packing.. who would ever imagine one could have so much under that desk..I should talk.. Now she is running keeping up with Jack..and she thought her life was busy before.. Retirement Ms. Diva..???

But when it comes down to it.. dog gone it.. we sure do miss both of them, they were so much a part of our everyday.. but lucky those of us of GNO, we are all still close at heart..

Donna is in love with retirement.. keeping busy attending all social events and as I write she is off to Florida (fanning herself by the pool) while the rest of us are trying to keep warm by the fire..

Liz is resting from all the travel she and hubby did all Spring, Summer and Fall.. and putting the finishing touches on their new home addition.. maybe now they can get some of the recliners out of the living room.. Can’t wait to see it Liz..

Marilyn is hitting Starbucks heavy now that she too has left the bank and is living the life of Riley at home with hubby getting a chance to actually use that newly painted hobby room.. and he wondered what you would do with all that ribbon, wire and paint. . ha ha ..

Jann, well she might as well be retired with all the vacation she has built up over the years here at the bank, she takes hunks at a time and we barely see her in the winter.. lol.. Her husband retired this year and has taken on the Martha Stewart part of decorating the outside of the house for the holidays.. so she jokes.. don’t let him hear you say that.. but Jann does enjoy having those extra things done when she gets home.

Debbie Lityma, our new Vice President is hard at work, she did take some time off over the holidays to enjoy her family.. but here it is New Years Eve and she is taping away on her computer.. at least I think she is working.. ???

Keeping the Blog going, the website up and gearing up for April..the donations are coming in steadily and we are so grateful.  Please, mark your calendars to SAVE THE DATE.. April 30th, 2016.. BEACH PARTY LUAU.. we will be working our tails off to make this yet another successful event to remember.. so for now.. with thoughts of Peace on Earth.. Good Health, Wealth and Good Cheer.. Happy New Year to all.. JoAnne


One thought on “HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. Ladies! How I miss you all. Even though I am still working away, it seems like I never got to attend any of the social events. Well 2016 is a new year so with that new opps to party.


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