Let us introduce the Committee

President: Cindy Devine
Secretary: JoAnne White
Treasurer: Jann Faltermeier
Aileen Vaka, Debbie Haze, Donna Kennedy, Esther Lona, Glenda Eastwood, Liz Barber, and Marilyn Ashley

Each member is talented in areas they never knew they could perform.. Cooking our food from scratch is important, decorating- who said they didn’t have talent.. we make all our centerpieces, gather all donations, coordinate the baskets and wrap by hand.. decorating the event space the day of, not to leave out writing all our own material and printing our letter, brochures, posters… This is a PASSION with all of us… and we ask you to share this evening with us…


One thought on “Let us introduce the Committee

  1. WOW, I’m impressed!!!!! LOL

    Sandy Williams [cid:image004.png@01D2812B.157D8490] | SRM Support Solutions/Support Specialist | Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City | 1 Memorial Drive | Kansas City, MO 64198-001 |www.kc.frb.org | Office: 816.881.2802 |fax: 816.881.2252| E-mail: sandy.williams@kc.frb.org


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